This Halloween, advises you to carefully examine everything you are given to make sure you can separate trick from treat, especially if what you are hoping to bag is news regarding EEStor Inc.

Those predicting EEStor tricks were quick to devour's recent report that there would be no EESU's delivered in 2008. Many other blogs and even the New York Times (for God's sake) covered this tricky story and cited funding issues as the reason for the delay. Skeptics of EEStor's claims, (many of whom have set up camp at reveled gluttonously in the supposed news indicating it was further proof that EEStor will not deliver on it's claims. But was this pre-halloween celebration a bit premature? Yes.

Straight from the "no news is good news file," we have this quote from Zenn Motor Company's Catherine Scrimgeour, "There is no net new news here" referring to the GM-Volt article. She went on to say that ZMC remains confident with prior publicly released statements concerning EEStor's progress to date which includes the expected delivery of......drum roll please.....a production line prototype EESU from EEStor Inc. in 2008! Further support was found with Tom Weir, General Manager and VP of Operations at EEStor Inc. who concurred with this information in a telephone interview today. So, yes Martha, you can dress up as an EESU this year....and possibly plug your laptop into your costume. :-)MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAH <cough cough> HAHAMUAHAHA.

In the spirit of further seemingly secret activities, Zenn's Scrimgeour confirmed the "soft launch" of, the beginnings of Zenn's business to business online marketing efforts. It will continue to grow as more information becomes available.

Attention bloggers and reporters busy correcting your previous stories, don't forget to cite the source. -b ;-)