Back in September, I got a series of emails from Rudyard Istvan of NanoCarbons LLC expressing a fair bit of frustration with the amount of attention this website provides to EEStor Inc., when in Istvan's opinion, it could be harnessed for more promising technologies. Yes, Rudyard Istvan is an EEStor skeptic and no, it's not the policy of this website to exclude the views of persons like Mr. Istvan from the overall discussion. I say this even in light of the fact that Mr. Istvan compared people like me to those of a cargo cult, a reference that made me break down and cry uncontrollably. Kidding. I've mentioned several times, the area of physics & material science that EEStor is operating in is not my area of expertise. I will back that up by saying further there may be no area where I have an area of expertise or better, if you know my area of expertise, please have it contact me.

In any case, I promised Mr. Istvan that I would give him the opportunity to discuss his views, but as sometimes happens, I dropped the ball. From his point of view, it probably seemed like this was intentional since more than one person hereupon thinks I'm a silly unreflective EEStor enthusiast and not much more. So in his latest round of emails Istvan really laid it on thick with references to...for example... Bertrand Russell, "Men would rather die than think. Most do" and some jabs related to religion vs science. Fair enough Mr. Istvan, it's always nice, as a poor judge of X to meet a quick judge of Y. Kidding.

So yes, EEStory fans, you'll have another set of skeptical views to dissect as you make up your minds about whether EEStor can meet it's 2 month window of time to deliver a prototype built on it's production line for Zenn's inspection.

And since I'm making up much of this as we go along, we've got a new format of presentation here which means to me, there will be yet another opportunity for people who disagree with me to discredit me. I'm talking about an mp3 of my conversation with Mr. Istvan. And yes, in advance, I can confirm that I sound fairly unsophisticated...a revelation of the simpleton I am I guess. But I'm ok with that because my purpose is simply to serve you the reader or in this case, listener so that you can feed you EEStor addiction. Of course, if this audio makes it extremely plain that I'm an idiot (based on reasoned feedback from you), it will absolutely be discontinued. Keep that in mind o ye of verbose opinion. :)

Finally, a disclaimer. This audio is part 1 of 2. Halfway through the interview, Mr. Istvan asked to speak with me on a topic "off the record." I have cut that section out. Don't ask me about it, don't even try to guess about it. Or if you must know, please ask Rudyard Istvan directly. Part 2 coming later.

Finally: I want to point out as you listen that we had a friendly conversation which contrasted with our emails back and forth. This is a lesson of human nature: it's much more difficult to be rude on a phone call than in a forum or chat room...and even harder when meeting someone in person. Actually, I'm never rude. Ever.

The Carl Watkins interview part 2 is on hold simply because I've been playing phone tag with him. Now that he's seen the feedback from part 1, I wanted to see if he had some thoughts about the feedback. He did...but to get it all, I still need to talk to him a bit further. In the meantime, see if you can connect anything Mr. Watkins has said with what Mr. Istvan has said. Any connections popping out at you???

UPDATE: the audio gets clipped at the end, as Mr. Istvan is in mid sentence. Here's the sentence in its entirety.

"I will just point out that it is almost the end of 2008 and they have yet to do permittivity testing on a real part."

Part 2

For the second part of the interview, I've edited out the parts Mr. Istvan and I agreed were off the record. You'll notice this audio is also clipped at the end. What's clipped is what we referenced earlier and then pleasantries about Mr. Istvan providing the interview. Oh, he also said Y_PO is not a SME. Just kidding, he didn't say that.