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Tue, 04 May 2010, 3:14am Lifecycle Emissions - Tesla Roadster: An EV Case Study (Now with Plug-And-Play formulae) »
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Geofree wrote:

He is referring to current technology. He is not seeing tomorrow.

Actually, he's just repeating the Big Lie of "The Long Tailpipe". The strategy is to hope people will think "Well, it *must* be true, or he couldn't say it!" His figures ignore many factors, and he's perfectly aware of that.

The only *real* question is: Why does "Student" spend so much time here spreading an anti-EV message? Does his income depend on Big Oil?

The reality is that running an EV puts out less than half the pollution required to power even the most efficient gas guzzler made today. And here is the proof.

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