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Tue, 04 May 2010, 4:51am Lifecycle Emissions - Tesla Roadster: An EV Case Study (Now with Plug-And-Play formulae) »
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ONeil wrote:

What a colossal load of horseshit. A large collection of cherry picked numbers, gross distortions and outright lies. I particularly puked at the: "70% efficiency plug-to-battery (52.8kWh in ESS / ~75kWh at plug)" It's been pointed out to him several times before that this number was the result of a bug in the Tesla software (causing a cooling system to run continuously) that has since been fixed. Battery charges run the gamut of efficiency ratings from 85% to over 95%. Most inefficient chargers are used for small consumer devises where the efficiency of the charger is irrelevant. That's just one example.

Re: shortsighted. "The U.S. imports 57% of its oil according to the EIA" ... just how long do you think your economy can support that kind of nonsense? Where exactly do you expect to get all that diesel fuel from? There simply isn't enough biomass in the US to support your kind of driving habits and the moment you get away from fossil petroleum as your source of diesel (such as CTL) the efficiency dies and the pollution goes through the roof. Student, you're advocating a one way ticket to bankruptcy and ruin (but hey, party on dude, there's no tomorrow).

ONeil, calm down you'll notice I used the EPA 28kWh/100 miles at the plug number. No need to worry about the efficiency if you don't wish. It's all explained. Blow up the spoilers.

Bill Nye says limits for a dielectric are simply what have been demonstrated to date.

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