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Tue, 04 May 2010, 5:54am Lifecycle Emissions - Tesla Roadster: An EV Case Study (Now with Plug-And-Play formulae) »
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student, I applaud your study. But please do the algebraic version, suggested by DGDanforth, so we can easily change the numbers if input figures change during discussion. The study is very interesting because it stresses the naivity upon which all green politics are built.

Look at the chain of green idiocy,

1. CO2 is a scientifically confirmed greenhouse gas. (The fundamental statement)

2. CO2 in the range of hundreds ppm in atmosphere increases due to human emissions. (confirmed)

3. Temperature increases. (plausible but not really statistically significant)

4. Climate models suggest CO2 increase implies temperature change. (plausible but difinitely not confirmed)

5. Green scientists invents doomsday scenarios with 5 degrees increased temperature and melted ice caps implying 50m increased sea levels within 100 years. (this is all crap, 1 degree perhaps and even if they got 10 degrees higher it would take thousands of years to melt antarctica and the arctic has been melting for 150 000 years already with no confirmed speedup process last century)

6. Green politics suggest we start to decrease CO2 emissions. (based on above assumptions)

7. Solutions include solar and wind power, electric trains and electric cars. (Energy consumption is 16TW but solar and wind production is less than 100GW/year probably around 20-50GW/year so with todays production rate it would take 500 years to replace energy consumption with green alternatives. Stepping up the production to say 1TW will take decades. And consumption increases steadily. So to lower CO2 emissions by 2025 is an impossibility without going down the development ladder which will never happen. And now student showed us that the naiv EV calculations doesn't really hit the goal either.)

Maybe it is time to split the earth between the progressive and the reactionary. Let the reactionary have their own country and see how well thay will do. Hell with it let them take 50% of all land and let them choose which 50% and let them have 50% of all goods and commodities as of today. I bet in 100 years they will have less than 10% of the progressives GDP anyway. Then let us see how happy they are.

Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking. —Albert Einstein
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