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Tue, 04 May 2010, 11:51am Lifecycle Emissions - Tesla Roadster: An EV Case Study (Now with Plug-And-Play formulae) »
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There is something else to consider here - in CA it would be much cheaper to use an EV than a diesel. Considering diesel is from a little higher to significantly higher than regular gas, diesel is not likely to be cost effective for many drivers. Simple fact is that - right now - per mile an EV would be the cheapest way to go. Last I checked unleaded (reg) was about $3.09 here and diesel was like $3.49. Now go back a year or two and it was even higher. I am not knocking diesel - I do think a bio diesel may be part of the overall solution as big trucks in an EV age will still need a more energy dense fuel source. You can go back and forth on the emmisions all you want but what drives the consumer toward products are cost and government (rebates, etc). If the cost of an EV gets close to a regular car and the cost of fuel is much lower, its what consumers will buy.

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