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Tue, 04 May 2010, 1:15pm Lifecycle Emissions - Tesla Roadster: An EV Case Study (Now with Plug-And-Play formulae) »
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trick wrote:

RmW wrote:

student wrote:

I'm all for reducing the emissions related to the production of electricity. They are huge.

Yes, but maybe not as big as the emissions spewing into the Gulf of Mexico for your Jetta, etc.

And pretty much everything you consume, own, rent, have borrowed, etc.

Your point is...?

Oh, and as for oil price - so what? Why not put the Zenn stock price on that chart as well? It's just as meaningful.

I'm sorry, I thought that a reasonable person could figure it out.

There are other costs related to oil than just the increase in CO2:

There is the direct costs, which I've shown in the previous post. It has increased at a rate greater than that of inflation for the past 10 years. And given oil's integration into our lives, is a significant issue.

Then there is the cost related to BP's mess in the Gulf of Mexico. This isn't factored into the price of oil. It includes the direct impact on at least 300,000 jobs, the cost of clean-up, impact on our environment, health, etc.

So IMO student's continual focus on CO2 is worthless in my book. And this is just one reason.

Care for me to go on?