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I'm excited about the competition and lowering prices. Something like the XO-3 is a nice destination.

But for me, kindle is the good stuff. Seems Mirasol is on its way with the amazon blaze and rekindle. I think rekindle must be the new kindle. I can't see how all this won't be ready within a year from now. Leak says August for the blaze.

It looks like amazon has the hardware ready and is simply working on the software.

I've waited for this moment for around fifteen years. I hate paper and I think it is likely the next kindle will be the perfect replacement.

3 days battery life for the blaze. kindle thin.

[UPDATE: I am heart broken. * tragic music * What I feared was, is. Is a kick ass prank preying on my kindle-lust. Sigh... I will have to wait even longer I guess. I knew I shouldn't have trusted an April first leak.]

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