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Sat, 09 Apr 2011, 2:27pm Rossi Low Energy Nuclear Reaction confirmed? »
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What I find remarkable is the tiny size of the fusion chamber on Rossi's latest 4.4 KW device. The reactor itself, is loaded with just(50 gms) of the nickel powder (plus secret catalysts), and has a volume of just 50 cubic centimeters (3.2 cubic inches).

Running this device at full power for more than a few hours as they did in their latest demonstrations reduces the chances of this being a scam IMHO.

In response to Y_No's question regarding the absence of high energy gamma radiation, the discussion below provides a possible set of LENRs which could point to the reason for this.

It wasn't widely publicized, but Rossi demonstrated his invention to technical experts from DOE and DOD a couple of months ago. The scientific community is taking Rossi's invention very seriously, but are remaining silent(as they should) while they attempt to duplicate Rossi's results.

The next big milestone is demonstration of a 1 MW E-CAT device in Florida next fall. Our mainstream media will no-longer be able to ignor this event, and this demo could result in a critcal mass explosion in public interest(no pun intended) .

9.325 on the Lensman's scale IMO