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Thu, 14 Apr 2011, 11:49am How many believers are remaining? »
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Thorny wrote:

I hate the word "believer". I have been skeptical from the beginning but still see the risk/reward ratio worthy of a moderate investment. Why has this blog degenerated to labels and name calling?
"Skeptic" means exactly that. You can call us deniers of claims until we see proof. I do not know what to call the opposite of that except believer. "Believe" means you can't observe or prove something, so I don't know why believers object to the term. They can't prove even the possibility of an EESU based on known physics and no one has reported seeing a prototype except in a patent. Patents are so full of it that wikipedia does not accept them as a reliable source. So I do not see a better term than "believer" and I can't remember anyone suggesting or at least agreeing on a different term. I guess the opposition to the term "believer" is based on a religious connotation. Believing what you can't see or prove does indeed mean a type of religious belief about something, but I would be happy if there was a term that meant the same without a religious connotation. It's certainly better than the "faithful" which is more appropriate for those who have stuck around these past 3 years that me and y_po have been around. Y_po was here and denying at last a few months before me. There was an MIT student and BT expert posting severe negativity in comments a year or two before that. So the skeptical deniers seem to stay around longer than the believers. The story seems to depend on a new and continuing influx of fools. I wonder if the ego boost of seeing idiots is what keeps skeptics around. That implies we skeptics are suffering from low self-esteem. :)

How many believers are still here and believing (other than B) from early 2008?

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