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Thu, 14 Apr 2011, 12:22pm How many believers are remaining? »
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I want to believe in EEStor and DW, but the sticking point for me is that this is really one guy trying to both design an earth shattering technology by himself as well as build a manufacturing facility more or less by himself.

Seems to me that if any company of any size at all sees value in what he is trying to do they could easily beat him there. They could use teams of researchers until they got it working, and then use a different team with different expertise to build a state of the art manufacturing process and facility.

From my point of view, what EEStor appears to be functioning as is more akin to a Professor at a college testing a theory. It seems to me that they are years away from any sort of large scale manufacturing, if they have anything that works at advertised to begin with.

How would you build any sort of large scale manufacturing in that small of a facility?

Still, I am open minded enough to say that maybe there is a 10% chance that DW has a working prototype and it does what he says it can do.

Oh, I forgot, I have been reading this site for like 2yrs. A year or so before I joined. I have no money invested in Zenn. I just cant seem to pull the trigger on investing in a company that invested in something that there is little proof that there is a working prototype. I am not saying he doesnt have one, but I find it odd that he wouldnt at least display it. I cant imagine that anyone is going to steal your idea by looking at what would amount to a box with some wires and testing equipment attached to it.

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