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A couple of other thoughts.

Even if DW has what is claimed and he can manufacture it, I am not sure investing in Zenn is a great idea.

It seems to me that the military application of an EESU are immense and I could definitely see the government/military not wanting this to get in the hands of the public.

On the flipside of that, Lockheed Martin knows of this technology and I would think they would have some responsibility to report its existence back to the government if they thought it was workable. If that were the case, I would think we would see DARPA at least testing the theory behind it on a large scale. I guess they could be doing that in secret though. I would think that any kind of electric storage breakthrough at this level that had a working theory behind it would be worthy of Manhattan Project levels of funding. There should be some signs of that.

Mostly though, DW appears to suffer from some level of paranoia that keeps him from working outside a circle of very close friends and family. This would seem to hold him back from succeeding in the past and present. He seems to be a bit of a control freak. DW cannot possibly be an expert on everything. Nobody is.

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