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Wed, 07 Dec 2011, 11:35pm OT :Antigravity: What happend to Dr. Ning Li and what has Douglas Torr been up to? »
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@B, Thanks! You are a great researcher so if you get a chance try to find where Ning Li ended up. Could she went to China, or could she be in some black program that is so critical that her location is kept private. There is no evidence of any trace of her for the last few years on the internet. I guess she could have decided to chill and raise a family or something, which would explain it.

@Lens, I am probably one of the most skeptical people on earth, so I get where you are coming from. When I said UFO I meant in the sense of Unidentified as opposed to Aliens from space. I believe there probably is other life in the universe but I find it hard to believe they are able to make it to Earth, and if they did they would probably kick our asses and take over and not just do some flyovers just to screw with peoples heads.

This isnt fringe research. Ning Li and Douglas Torr worked together initially and he has done tons of theoretical work in regards to Einsteins theories. They are both legit scientists.

Wired wrote:

In 1990 a senior scientist at the University of Alabama named Douglas Torr started writing papers with a Chinese woman physicist named Ning Li, predicting that superconductors could affect the force of gravity. This was before Eugene Podkletnov made his observations in Tampere, so naturally Li and Torr were delighted when they heard that Podkletnov had accidentally validated their predictions. Their university enjoyed a good working relationship with the Marshall Spaceflight Center in Huntsville, where they eventually persuaded NASA to start a serious long-term investigation. Ning Li remained involved, while Douglas Torr relocated to South Carolina.

Please at least do a patent search for Douglas Torr and also PST Associates. Also look up some of the published papers of Torr and his work history before you just blow this off as pseudoscience.

Lens, I know a lot of the stuff that you retrieve from search about these two points to a lot of fringe science sites but try to look at Douglas Torr's work and you will get a better sense of their legitimacy or at least his.

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