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Fri, 27 Jan 2012, 6:11pm Global Warming - The sky is falling - on the alarmists »
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Lensman wrote:

supamark wrote:

soooo, people say "follow the money" in regard to the scientists (who aren't making money off of it)

Perhaps in SupamarkWorld, climatologists don't get their salaries from grants, plus consultant and speaking fees, all based on their support of the dogma of Catastrophic Anthropic Global Warming (CAGW) alarmism.

Perhaps in SupamarkWorld, politicians don't get attention, support, and control of the taxation feeding trough by demagoguery, by getting people alarmed and upset over the supposed dangers of the "catastrophe" of global warming climate change.

But in the real world, they do.

Following the money most definitely points to the confluence of interests which promote CAGW alarmism.

how much are you getting paid to spout this nonsense again?

yeah, when I see climate scientists driving around in Bentleys we'll talk...

btw, they're mostly PhD's and MS's and make what others with their education working in research make (about 100K/year as a prof at a research university for example). the research grants pay for doing the research and hiring assistants (usually college students at univerisities), not their salary. are you really that stupid to think climate scientists are getting rich? you don't have a clue how scientific research works apparently.

btw, the real money is in inventing things for market (if your university contract allows you to keep your IP that is).