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Sat, 28 Jan 2012, 1:19am Global Warming - The sky is falling - on the alarmists »
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supamark wrote:

btw, they're mostly PhD's and MS's and make what others with their education working in research make (about 100K/year as a prof at a research university for example). the research grants pay for doing the research and hiring assistants (usually college students at univerisities), not their salary.

Their job security depends on their grant-grabbing ability you moron. No grants -> no contract.
So if some elected politician decides to have money for corn-ethanol you better have a proposal for that even if you know damn well that corn-ethanol is bullshit.

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Q: What would happen if you give 12V battery and two 6V light bulbs to Weir/Nelson?

A: They will wait 8 years for 12V➜6V DC-DC converter.