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DGDanforth wrote:

From the second article:

Remarkable initial results justify the proposed effort. We documented, confirmed by independent lab, the existence of a new family of dielectric materials, with measured dielectric constants between 10 and 10000 times those reported for barium titanate, the standard high performance material generally employed in electrostatic capacitors
If the breakdown field in a capacitor were constant irrespective of the thickness then there's no obvious reason why the construction would increase the energy density over and above raw ceramic. In fact, because the metal does not store any energy (it can't, because the internal field must be zero), then the ED should be reduced because there is less dielectric storing energy.

However, thinner dielectric layers tend to have higher breakdown fields, but lower total breakdown voltage (=field x thickness), and the construction suggested is one way of achieving a controlled thickness. This can potentially increase the capacitance and breakdown field, but at the expense of having less active dielectric material.

So there may well be an improvement in ED. But this is not saying it would achieve an ED comparable to that claimed in the EEStor patent.


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Assumptions: 1) E=1/2CV2. (Only dummies assume this). (I am one of these dummies).