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Fri, 24 Feb 2012, 5:21pm Fraud by Climate Alarmist - Par for the course »
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hum wrote:

Nobody^8^ wrote:

[The argument about not releasing the raw data was unfortunately used repeatedly to build the case against Jones and the CRU, however after the briefest of checks it is clear that the release of the raw data was far more complex than simply posting the data publically.

As this data was obtained from perhaps thousands (source anyone?) of various sources and some were commercial and others of some value in regard to some agricultural reasons it was clearly not a simple task to release all of the raw data.
This was a another instance were the case from the denialists seems to have been built from wilful misinformation.

PS The computer codes of the data analysis have been publicly released

Wrong, they used those excuses as strawmen. When CRU and Jones were FOIA'd for the NDA's, agreements and contracts limiting data distribution they would not provide them. Later it was Jones the dog ate them excuse. When asked to supply the data excluding any restricted data Jones again would not comply. Although he was more than happy to share all the data including so called restricted data with his friends, which if NDAs were in place would have been a violation.

Jones should be fired from CRU and removed from the IPCC.

dude, stop with the FUD.