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Sun, 26 Feb 2012, 5:03pm Rossi Low Energy Nuclear Reaction confirmed? »
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Oakthicket wrote:

farmEEr wrote:

Ecat World Interview

New Rossi Interview

Rossi is very pleased with the plant now. He said they have solved all the problems they needed to take care of and they are about two weeks away from shipping it. He also said that the E-Cat module used in the plant has been redesigned.

Rossi reported on what he considered a significant breakthrough in the area of electrical production. He said that just a few days ago Siemens AG (German engineering firm) were with him in his Bologna factory and they demonstrated a turbine that could produce electricity at 30 per cent efficiency from a steam temperature of 251 C.

Siemens AG?
Anyone on the forum work at Siemens?

Sounds like another attempt by Rossi at 'credibility by association'.

Siemens is a huge international company with many businesses and interests. One of their businesses is large industrial turbines. Siemens/Westinghouse are one of three big turbine manufacturers in the world. The other two are General Electric and Alstom. Mitsubishi is also a big player.

A steam turbine with a 30% efficiency is unremarkable. It's tough for a steam turbine to run on saturated steam at 105 deg.C. (I suspect the humour of this comment will be lost on most people.)

Any premise that Siemens is somehow supportive of Rossi's eCat is foolish. It's no different than Rossi's deceitful attempts at 'credibility by association' with the University of Uppsala, University of Bologna, National Instruments, NASA and MIT. It's a common fraudster ploy.

Ok a few problems with your statement. for one, the Siemens mini turbine is New technology. It is claimed by Siemens that it needs 251C steam to push at over 30% efficiency. you get better efficiency when you get hotter steam, I think Siemens Large undustrial Turbines have just made the remarkable leap to 60% efficiency.

The fact that these little turbines can even work at such low steam temps "is" remarkable in and of itself. 30% at these temperatures is a beakthrough.

Everything Rossi says has merrit. I see many trying take these statements and twist them into garbage but it only makes them look like idiots.

I think Skeptics are getting pissed that Rossi, without any Physics degree, is consistantly shooting every skeptic claim down, and handily at that.

The Only thing left in the Skeptic "bag of tricks" is the fact that Rossi will Not give the demo skeptics want.

it is hilarious, Cry as you might, Rossi has you over the barrel.

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