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wasmaba wrote:

KONY 2012 dissenters

Solving War Crimes With Wristbands: The Arrogance of 'Kony 2012'

At this point, I do not agree with the critics of Invisible Children and find Kony 2012 inspiring. I want them to succeed.

That said, one has to wonder if some of the critics, other NGO's, etc., have become jaded after dealing with the likes of Pat Robertson.

Here is Pat Robertson in all his glory:

• A man whose salary is funded by donations to a "Christian" tax exempt entity which required its African-American employees to enter the premises through the back door and to eat in separate dining areas.
• A man who makes so much money from his association with this "Christian" tax-exempt entity that he can afford to spend over $500,000 to buy a race horse and name it Mr. Pat, after himself.
• A man who is so eager to increase his personal wealth that he enters a business venture with a cruel dictator to mine diamonds and uses the planes from his "Christian" aid organization, "Operation Blessing" almost exclusively to carry mining equipment while telling his followers that their contributions will fund relief efforts and not mining for blood diamonds.
• A man who is so eager to increase his personal wealth that he enters another business venture to explore and mine gold with a dictator/terrorist actively engaged in committing crimes against humanity including murder, torture, rape, child slavery, and forcing children to be soldiers to explore for gold. The joint venture being housed on the same location as the "Christian Broadcasting Network" his tax-exempt entity.
I have one question for the "Reverend" Pat Robertson:
Just who made a pact with the Devil?

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