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You have to love University of Twente « Scientific Information « Technology
Sun, 18 Mar 2012, 8:47am #1
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Another fine thesis from the scientists at University of Twente.

Right in NV Phillips backyard.

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As the grain size decreases further, the dielectric properties are no longer enhanced, but degrade severely as a cubic phase develops when the grain size is less than 200 nm.

Powders processed at 650 and 700 °C had a similar grain size and morphology as the ones processed at 600 °C, but their crystallite size was slightly larger, see insets I and II in Figure 3.3C. However, at these two temperatures no evidence was found for the existence of internal pores. Thus, they were either fully removed or their concentration was significantly decreased

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They're not building pet rocks in there.

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Prof Neilson
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That is a fine Thesis.

It gives proof of why DW has a license to take forever. There are so many things to go wrong!

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