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The Economist on grid energy storage solutions « Utilities « Industry Applications
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Article on energy storage approaches on The Economist website. Discusses grid solutions and the market, and names companies. Worth a look. Briefly mentions Isentropic.

Packing some power
Energy technology: Better ways of storing energy are needed if electricity systems are to become cleaner and more efficient

. . . Surely the answer is to use giant batteries? Although batteries can deliver power for short periods, and can smooth out the bumps as different sources of power are switched on and off, they cannot provide “grid scale” performance, storing and discharging energy at high rates (hundreds of megawatts) and in really large quantities (thousands of megawatt hours). So other technologies are needed—and growing demand, driven chiefly by wider use of intermittent renewable-energy sources, is sparking plenty of new ideas.

Bill Nye says limits for a dielectric are simply what have been demonstrated to date.

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