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How Do I Choose The Best Dog Food?

February 18, 2022

A dog’s diet is very important and choosing the right food can either lead to a healthy and happy puppy or an overweight, lethargic pup. In fact, a dog’s diet is as important as a human’s. So how do you go about choosing the best food that will benefit your dog?

Consider Type Of Food: Dry or Wet?

There are several types of food for dogs, all with different benefits. The first type is dry food. Dry kibble consists of small pieces of food, like pieces of crushed cereal. Dry, or kibble, dog food is very popular because it can last longer than wet food and is easy to store. However, dry food is not recommended for all dogs because it can increase the risk of certain health problems like plaque buildup in the teeth, obesity, and diabetes.

There is also wet dog food. Wet food can come in cans or plastic containers. Wet food is often compared to canned human food, though it always comes with a special type of preservative. Wet food is recommended for dogs in delicate health, due to the fact that it contains more water and nutrients.

Consider Your Dog’s Age

Pay careful attention to your dog’s age when choosing food. Puppies need different nutrients than adults and senior dogs, so be sure to read the labels carefully. A puppy’s diet should be made of 28% protein, while an adult dog can get by with 21%. Seniors need less protein.

Consider Your Dog’s Breed

The breed of your dog is integral to choosing an appropriate food. For example, large and giant breeds like Great Danes and Mastiffs usually need a large breed dog food, which is specially made to address the size and weight of these breeds.

Consider Your Dog’s Specific Needs

If your dog is an athlete, they likely need more protein than your average lab. On the other hand, a diabetic dog should have a reduced-fat diet. Be sure to choose food that fits your dog’s specific needs.

Consider Diet Intolerance And Allergies

Some dogs have diet intolerances and allergies that require them to ingest special food. If you’re unsure if your pup has these problems, you can always take them to the vet.

Consider Dog Treats And Supplements

Dog treats and supplements often contain a lot of preservatives, sugars, and other ingredients that can upset your dog’s stomach if given in excess. These items are highly recommended for use as a reward or training aid.

Consider The Price

Dog food prices vary greatly depending on where you purchase the food. Be sure to find a good sale before trying out your new brand.

Consider The Quality Of Ingredients

The quality of the ingredients is very important in choosing food for your dog. You should always choose a product that lists real meat as the first ingredient and has no corn or other fillers.

Choosing the best dog food can be a tough decision. The type of food you choose depends on your pup’s age, breed, size, and health needs. You’ll also want to consider whether they have any diet intolerance or allergies. When in doubt, it always helps to consult with your vet! It may take some time before you find the right fit but patience is key when choosing the perfect meal that will keep your pet happy and healthy while they’re growing up with us at home.

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